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Quick service on site. Global.

We are where you need us to be. teamtechnik is an international group operating in the major solar markets of the world with its own local branches or representatives. Trained personnel are close at hand to provide you with service around the clock and we keep spare parts in stock locally at our branches. We do everything to ensure that your production system delivers the highest possible output. Our customers around the world also appreciate our online support: first aid for systems in every time zone.

At your side during production

We instruct and train your staff to guarantee reliable production output. They learn, for example, how to handle ribbons and flux or carry out systematic cleaning and maintenance. We also support your team during live production. If need be, we help your operators and maintenance staff with the procedures and processes. We optimize your systems, and train and support you.

Retrofit – adapting a production system to new products

Do you have new cell types, new ribbon materials, or a higher number of busbars? You can rely on our support to adapt and retrofit your production system, including expert modification of the quality parameters in your vision system. When materials change, we create new solder recipes.


Depending on your requirements, we service your production system every 6 months, or annually, and ensure that the stringer continues to delivery high availability and quality in the long term.
We check all the basic machine settings, wear parts and cleaning Status.

Find out more about how you can benefit from teamtechnik's comprehensive service options.




I am in a position to compare different stringer suppliers: teamtechnik provides the best service in terms of flexibility, punctuality and rapid round-the-clock Response.“

General Manager, Suncome

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